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  • Insect Art - WEDU (PBS)

    An exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg features the work of Canadian artist Jennifer Angus, known for her installations made from dried insects.

  • RocketStar Records - WEDU (PBS)

    Hear the unmatched sound of vinyl records as a record store owner in Sarasota explains why these old-fashioned music players can't be replicated through today's technology.

  • Art Battle Sarasota - WEDU (PBS)

    The International Art Battle comes to Sarasota in a live arts event where painters have just 20 minutes to complete their work and be judged by spectators at the competition.

  • Sarasota Jazz Club - WEDU (PBS)

    Learn the history and meet the faces behind Sarasota Jazz Club's annual festival and get a peak into this year's theme, "Generations of Jazz," as the organization celebrates nearly 40 years of festivals.

  • The Juggling Doctor - WEDU (PBS)

    Meet Dr. Dan Cousin, a Tampa radiologist who uses his talents for magic and juggling to put his patients at ease.

  • Chicot Aquifer Update - KPLC (NBC)

    University of Louisiana at Lafayette scientist Dr. David Borrok discusses ways in which the Chicot Aquifer can be kept sustainable for generations to come.

  • Glad Tidings Church Reopens - KPLC (NBC)

    Glad Tidings Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana, reopens a year after a flood destroyed the building's interior.